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Appealing a Court Case in New Mexico Court of Appeals

Appealing a court case in Albuquerque, New Mexico?, the Appellate Law Office of Dr. Scott M. Davidson, is ready to assist you.

Court cases are not regularly appealed. In fact, many losing parties do not have the right to appeal the verdict. Those that do, must meet the standards of a legal basis — for instance, material errors in the initial trial — to be qualified as grounds for an appeal. The potential and process for appeals may differ between civil and criminal cases; many of these appeals occur prior to the verdict or even the start of the trial itself.

As the appealing party, also known as the appellant or petitioner, your legal representative will file a notice of appeal to initiate the appeals process the respondent party may submit a response brief. After your appeals attorney files a brief presenting legal grounds for your appeal, a second brief from the appellant can be submitted as well. The appeals court may decide based solely on these briefs or they may hear oral arguments.

The appellate court judges will review the briefs and arguments to determine whether or not there were any errors present in the initial case. Certain errors, such as ones in which evidence was admitted improperly into the initial case, are referred to as reversible errors. Others that do not impact the ability to conduct a fair trial, are known as harmless errors. In the event that the appellate court judges determine that a reversible error occurred, the case may be remanded and sent back to the original court.

Appealing a court case within the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico can be complex. If you believe that elements of your legal case were made in error, you should seek a confidential legal consultation from Dr. Davidson immediately. We’re here to fight for your rights and ensure that any errors in your trial are rectified.

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