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Mr. Scott M. Davidson of Just Appeals is your criminal appeals attorney in Albuquerque. Founded by Mr. Davidson in 2005, Just Appeals is a trusted resource for information regarding the potential appeal of your post-trial conviction. Just Appeals handles Appellate law for local, state, and federal cases.

Although your trial may have ended with a guilty verdict, this conclusion does not mean that your case is closed. During initial court proceedings, errors may have been present that negatively influenced your conviction. Though some mistakes known as harmless errors do not typically impact the outcome of a trial, the presence of reversible errors may.

Reversible errors can manifest in one of three ways:

  • A reversible error can be made by the judge during the trial or during sentencing.
  • A reversible error can be made by the jury.
  • A reversible error can be made by the prosecutor.

Any of these errors may occur throughout the court proceedings resulting in an unfair trial. If you, a family member or a close acquaintance believes that an error made during a trial has significantly altered the outcome of your case, know that you have legal recourse available in the form of an appeal.

Every individual has a right to a fair and just trial. Mr. Scott M. Davidson is the criminal appeals attorney in Albuquerque who is ready to fight for your rights.

With over twenty years of successful experience litigating appeals, Mr. Davidson knows that not all verdicts are reached without bias or error. Having served individuals locally and around the world, he understands that even a simple error during a trial can have a profound impact on your future. Every case is unique which is why Mr. Davidson personally analyzes each potential issue to determine whether or not an error has occurred during the initial trial. Once he and his team of experienced legal aids identify a basis to contest the unfairness of the trial, Mr. Davidson prepares the case for appellate litigation.

Criminal Appeals Attorney in Albuquerque

Just Appeals, the law office of Mr. Davidson, is ready to restore justice by presenting your case to the appellate courts.

If you need a criminal appeals attorney in Albuquerque to fight for your rights, contact Mr. Scott M. Davidson of Just Appeals today.

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