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Scott M. Davidson
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Scott M. Davidson, Ph.D., a graduate of Yale University, and a former appellate judicial law clerk, has 20 years of successful experience litigating appeals. Dr. Davidson has an extensive history of winning appeals in state and federal courts.

Dr. Davidson is principal and founder of JustAppeals.Net, a boutique law firm focusing on appellate and post-judgment litigation. The firm is based in the Southwest, but has a national presence, building on Dr. Davidson’s decades of experience in federal and state appeals. While the home office is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, recent cases have found Dr. Davidson representing clients in courts in Washington, D.C., California, Virginia, Maine, Wyoming, Georgia, Louisiana, as well as New Mexico, Texas and Colorado. In today’s increasingly mobile work environment, appellate litigation depends more on the attorney’s skills and knowledge than their physical location in a particular jurisdiction.

Dr. Davidson personally handles each case, offering a client-centered approach. As a former law professor, with years of litigation and post-graduate teaching experience, Dr. Davidson will explain to you in depth each phase of your case.

Your appeal is your last best chance to right a wrong. Dr. Davidson recognizes that appellate litigation can be time-consuming, emotionally-draining and costly. He believes you have the right to the best representation on appeal.

Choosing the right appellate lawyer can change your life. Contact JustAppeals.Net to see if our firm matches your appellate needs.

New Mexico Appeals

All phases of appellate litigation in the New Mexico Supreme Court and New Mexico Court of Appeals. From the notice of appeal through post-judgment briefing, Dr. Scott M. Davidson and JustAppeals.Net offer first-rate professional and personalized appellate litigation services, based on 20 years of successful appellate litigation in state and federal courts. Contact Dr. Davidson and JustAppeals.Net at or 505-255-9084 about your New Mexico appeal.

Immigration Appeals

Appeals from orders of removal by an Immigration Judge. Dr. Scott M. Davidson and JustAppeals.Net have 10 years of successful experience representing immigrants in the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and federal appellate courts. Contact Dr. Davidson and JustAppeals.Net at or 505-255-9084 about your immigration appeal.

Post-Conviction Appeals

All phases of post-conviction collateral review, from district court to the New Mexico Supreme Court. Even after all direct appeals have been exhausted, a judgment of conviction from a New Mexico court may be set aside in post-conviction litigation if there is a serious constitutional defect or compelling new evidence of actual innocence. Dr. Davidson and JustAppeals.Net have 15 years of successful experience in this highly-specialized area of the law. Contact Scott M. Davidson and JustAppeals.Net at or 505-255-9084 to inquire about your post-conviction case.

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