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How do I expunge my record? | Just Appeals New Mexico | Scott Davidson

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Firm News

We have received many calls lately from New Mexicans asking, “How do I expunge my record?” Beginning with the Law Office of Scott M. Davidson in Albuquerque, is a great place to start. Mr. Davidson and his experienced legal staff have worked many expungement cases in New Mexico.

What Are Your Legal Options When You Are Arrested, Charged, Or Convicted Of A Crime?

If you have been arrested, or charged, but not convicted of a crime, your case might be a good candidate for an expungement under Section 4 of the Criminal Records Expungement Act, NMSA 29-3A-1-7. If you were in fact convicted, you may be eligible for expungement under Section 5 of the Criminal Records Expungement Act. Expungement refers to the process of sealing arrest and conviction records, from public view. Many states have enacted laws that permit people to expunge arrests and convictions from their records. Though the details can vary from one state to the next, most state law provides that once an arrest or conviction has been expunged, it need not be disclosed, including to potential employers or landlords. In New Mexico, an expunged record of an arrest or charge for individuals who have not been able to get a job or rent an apartment due to an arrest record or a criminal record. If background checks have gotten in your way, expungement can very beneficial. For expungement in New Mexico, you’ll find the experienced help you need at the office of Scott M. Davidson. Our priority is to right any wrongs that have been done to you. Just Appeals law office is the answer to your question: “how can I clear my record?”.

Why Should You Obtain Counsel When Clearing Your Record?

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you may ask: “How difficult is it to clear my record?” The laws relating to expungement are highly variable between jurisdictions and different states have different requirements that need to be met before an expungement can be granted.  Expunging a record is much more complicated than typing “how to expunge my record” into your internet search engine. It’s definitely a good idea to contact an experienced expungement attorney who can advise you about the requirements needed to get your prior charge or conviction expunged, taking into account local rules and the facts of your case. Failure to follow the process properly can cause needless delays or worse including denial of expungement due to procedural errors. Additionally, it is smart to have an experienced attorney review the circumstances of your case to determine whether expungement is the best option for you at this time. In some cases, post-conviction relief under the rules of criminal procedure or executive clemency may be more appropriate than expungement. Getting an expungement lawyer can increase your odds of success and expungement representation is typically more affordable than you may think.

Why Is Scott M. Davidson The Right Attorney For You?

The Law Office of Scott M. Davidson has had great success in obtaining past expungements, particularly where the individual has an otherwise clean record and the conduct at issue did not involve a serious offense. In addition to past success stories, the Law Office of Scott M. Davidson in Albuquerque has continuously raised the bar for a higher standard of work to expunge records. Our expungement team will do everything we can to answer your question, “How can I expunge my record?” Contact the Albuquerque law office of Scott M. Davidson for a confidential expungement consultation.

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