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Expungement Criminal Record In New Mexico

Since January 2020, it has become much easier in New Mexico to clear your criminal record. If you have a criminal record, you may be able to have it cleared off your record, or expunged.

Expungements In New Mexico

For expungement in New Mexico, Just Appeals, The Law Office Of Scott M. Davidson in Albuquerque is the right place to call.

If you have been arrested, or charged, but not convicted of a crime, your case might be a good candidate for expungement. I believe that when you are innocent, and the prosecutor decides not to go through with a trial, you shouldn’t have to live with the public accusation of wrongdoing on your record for the rest of your life.

Just Appeals has had great success in obtaining expungements, even when the individual was convicted and sentenced. Talk to attorney Davidson to determine if your case is a good candidate for expungement in New Mexico.

For expungement in New Mexico, you’ll find the experienced help you need at The Law Office Of Scott M. Davidson. Our priority is to right any wrongs that have been done to you. Call the office at 505-420-5365 or use the email contact form.