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Post-Conviction Petitions Habeas Corpus Cases

If you or a loved one has a wrongful conviction, and you have exhausted remedies through a direct appeal, your case may be ripe for post-conviction relief. Although post-conviction and habeas corpus cases can sometimes be time-consuming and costly, if there is relief available, success can change your life.

Post-conviction appeals, and habeas corpus cases, are often complex cases that most attorneys don’t take. Since 2000, Mr. Scott M. Davidson and Just Appeals have represented individuals in post-conviction and habeas corpus cases.

Just Appeals is a boutique law firm focusing on post-conviction cases, including habeas corpus cases and direct appeals. We have the experience and expertise to assist you in seeking relief from a wrongful conviction.

Mr. Davidson has taught post-conviction procedure at the University of New Mexico School of Law. He has made new law in New Mexico in post-conviction cases involving legal questions of first impression. Mr. Davidson’s legal practice for more than 15 years has focused on federal and state post-conviction and habeas corpus cases. He has successfully represented dozens of individuals in post-conviction settings in state and federal court throughout the United States. His clients and cases span the United States to include Washington, D.C., California, Virginia, Maine, Wyoming, Georgia, Louisiana, as well as New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. His international clients in recent cases include individuals from Canada, Mexico, Iran, Cuba, Germany, Honduras, Vietnam, Pakistan and Guatemala.

Our goal is to see that your constitutional rights are protected at each phase of the case. If your conviction is the result of an injustice, we make sure to present your case to maximize the chances of post-conviction relief.

If you have a meritorious post-conviction or habeas corpus case, please contact Mr. Scott M. Davidson at Just Appeals, 505-255-9084 or ms@justappeals.net.

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