Your Appeal Is Your Last Best Chance To Right A Wrong

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You Might Be Able To Appeal A Violent Crime Conviction

A conviction for homicide or assault can result in serious penalties.  Depending on the specific charges and the evidence against you, you could spend the rest of your life in prison and pay serious fines. If you have already been convicted, you know that the situation is extremely serious. Only a skilled and experienced appellate lawyer can help you reverse the conviction.

I understand the challenges you are facing.  An appeal is your last chance to secure your freedom.  As the founder of Just Appeals, The Law Office Of Scott M. Davidson, I have more than 20 years of experience handling appeals in a range of felony cases, including homicide, assault and other violent crime convictions in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico.

How Appellate Law Works

Most people do not understand how appellate law works. Appealing a case is significantly different from handling a case at trial. On appeal, most of the work involves writing and arguing before a panel of judges rather than convincing a jury. Legal research and procedural knowledge are critical for appellate work.

When I take a case on appeal, I read through the entire record, including:

  • Trial transcripts: I will look over the entire record of the trial, including the admitting or refusing of evidence, witness testimony and cross-examinations. In a surprising number of cases, judges make errors in procedure or judgment that change the outcome unfairly.
  • Court records: All of the paperwork filed in your case–from the initial charges to the final judgment and sentence–constitutes the court record for your appeal. I will carefully examine all of the motions, orders, and other pleadings filed in your case, searching for potential errors that can reverse your conviction or sentence.

As I review the entire record, I look at each potential error to see how well the facts were presented in the trial court, how good the law is for you on each issue, how well the error was preserved in the trial court, what the standard of review is, what equitable or policy considerations are in your favor, and other factors to decide which issues to raise on appeal.

If there is anything in the record that could result in a new trial or dismissal of the trial court’s judgments, I will find it.

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