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Where Can I Find A Good Expungement Lawyer?

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Firm News

Just Appeals’ can help you through the process of clearing your record. The process of clearing your record in the state of New Mexico can be complex, depending on the particular circumstances of your case. However, there is no need to navigate this process alone. Call Just Appeals and let our experienced team help you through the process. We will scrutinize every page of the required paperwork and firmly represent you at court hearings. Although we can’t guarantee any particular outcome, we do promise to represent your best interests and fight for the most favorable outcome possible.

Will An Expungement Clear Your Name?

Imagine that after receiving a misdemeanor or felony conviction, you are sentenced and you  complete your sentence and any required probation period successfully. Years later, you discover that your past criminal record haunts you wherever you go and holds you back from pursuing educational or professional advancement. You don’t have to live a life defined by a criminal conviction. If you have already paid the consequences of your offense, you should be allowed to turn your life around. If you want to clear your record, it is essential for you to hire an experienced expungement attorney. At Just Appeals, our felony expungement team is the best in the business and is ready to help you clear your name.

What Are Common Qualifications For An Expungement In New Mexico?

An expungement is a powerful tool that, for the most part, removes any history of a criminal act. For this reason, not all cases or defendants qualify for an expungement. New Mexico law permits expungement of cases that resulted in dismissal or acquittal, as well as those that resulted in a conviction. If you have been the victim of identity theft, you may also qualify for expungement of arrest records or criminal records. Reversed convictions also may qualify for expungement. If you have any questions as to whether your case qualifies for expungement or not, make sure to call us and we will gladly help.

Can Just Appeals Help With My Expungement Case?

Unless you know how the legal system ticks, you are going to need an expungement attorney to help you clean up your criminal record. Our team has had great success in obtaining expungements of adverse criminal records in many cases in New Mexico.  Mr. Davidson believes that when your charges were dismissed, or when you have paid your debt to society after a conviction, you shouldn’t have to live with the public accusation of wrongdoing or the public dissemination of your criminal record forever. Call Just Appeals today to speak with an experienced expungement lawyer and start the process of clearing your record.

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