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What qualities should your federal appeals attorney possess?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Federal Appeals

When appealing a conviction on fraud charges (or narcotics and RICO convictions, etc.), you need an advocate willing to fight for you. However, many lawyers are prepared to fight on behalf of their clientele. How do you know which law professional you need?

First, your chosen counsel should have experience working in appellate or appeals courts. Proceedings work differently in appellate courts than they do in criminal courtrooms. Appeals experience should always remain at the top of your list of qualities to look for in a representative.

Is experience alone enough?

Prior experience is a critical quality, but you must also ensure your advocate has other beneficial attributes. Examples of what qualities will serve you best include the following:

  • Objective: Often, a federal appeal will benefit from an appeals advocate’s logical and objective approach. 
  • Collaborative: Effective appellate attorneys work well with others, many having a natural ability to accept and respect differing viewpoints.
  • Detail-Oriented: In appellate law, the results of an appeal often hinge on the details of a case, making detail-oriented advocacy a top quality.
  • Persuasive: As you might expect, successful appeals advocates have natural powers of persuasion to leverage on behalf of their clientele. 

It is also wise to look for a candidate that enjoys the research required to put together the many pieces of an appellate case. Advocates with an aptitude for effectively analyzing many different legal elements also perform well during appeals.

When searching for a federal appeals advocate, consider making a list of your candidates and then ruling them out individually. Once you have only one name left on your list, you have found a representative that will always protect your best interests throughout your appeal.