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Who can see your criminal record after an expungement?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Expungements

If you go to court to ask for an expungement and have it granted, you’ll be able to seal off your record from prying eyes. However, that doesn’t mean that your history totally disappears.

While you will be able to block your history from the public, other entities could access it. Here’s what you need as you consider moving forward and seeking an expungement of your record.

An expungement means sealed, not erased

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that an expungement seals your record, but it doesn’t erase it.

As a result, it’s not true that no one will ever be able to see what you did in your past or reference back to your history. It’s locked away so that most individuals cannot access the information, but the court and some government entities still have access.

The public won’t know about your history

The nice thing about an expungement is that the general public will no longer be able to find out information about past charges or your criminal history. Under New Mexico law, all expungements remove your record from public view.

So, if you apply for a job and a potential new employer runs a background check, they won’t be able to see your expunged record. Even if you had a history of arrests or were in jail for a period of time, the new employer won’t see those on your record. That’s great for you, because it opens up the potential for you to get a job without a past criminal history holding you back.

This applies to many situations with background checks, though there are exceptions for some government entities, like law enforcement. Generally speaking, however, the expungement will make sure that potential employers, landlords, coworkers, friends or family won’t be able to look up your past criminal history anymore. Anything that was expunged will be sealed out of sight.

If you’re interested in pursuing an expungement, now is a good time to act. Since 2020, it has become easier to get an expungement and to clear your record. With help, you can take action to move on with your life.