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Potential reasons to appeal a drug conviction

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Federal Appeals

You’re arrested on drug charges, and you do plead not guilty. However, you are convicted in court. You don’t believe that the conviction is valid, of course, so you want to appeal.

One part of the appeals process is that you have to have a valid reason to do so. You can’t simply appeal just because you don’t like the conviction or you think that the outcome wasn’t what you hoped for. You have to have a reason to show that the outcome shouldn’t have happened. Some potential reasons are included below.

The law was applied incorrectly

You believe that the court made a serious error in the way that they interpreted or applied the law to your case. They convicted you on those grounds, but you believe that a simple rereading of the law would show that you should never have been convicted. In other words, the court made an error that led to a false conviction. 

The conviction goes against the evidence

You were convicted even though the evidence seems to show that you were not guilty. You don’t understand how the court came to this solution, and you believe it’s very obvious that they either misinterpreted the evidence or simply decided to convince you despite the weight of that evidence.

Your legal team made crucial errors

Perhaps you’re looking for a new legal team because the one that represented you in the first case made critical mistakes. If you would have just had competent representation, you know that you would have had the charges dropped.

Facing a false conviction is stressful, but make sure you know about all the legal options you have to appeal that ruling