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Crypto trial illustrates the complexities of white collar cases

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Federal Appeals

The sun has not yet set on the case against Sam Bankman-Fried, the former cryptocurrency whiz kid convicted of seven conspiracy and fraud charges on Oct. 26. His attorneys are sure to appeal the convictions and possible decades-long sentence that is likely to follow.

And they could have some credible arguments for the appellate court to hear. Below are some of the arguments Bankman-Fried’s lawyers might use to build a stalwart case for an appeal.

His attorneys’ hands were tied because of the court’s rulings

In multiple pretrial rulings, the judge presiding over the trial limited the arguments that the defendant’s attorneys could preset to the jury. If a plaintiff can demonstrate that his counsel was hamstrung by the court, he could win a new trial.

Denied right to claim attorneys reviewed defendant’s acts

The judge disallowed the attorneys representing Bankman-Fried from presenting evidence that the CEO had relied on his own counsels’ approval of many of his actions. As every defendant realizes, the crux of their defense lies in the evidence they can present to refute the prosecution’s case against them.

Disallowed expert witness testimony

Cases often are won or lost on the testimony of expert witnesses called by either side. But this judge declined to allow defendant’s attorneys to present multiple expert witnesses who would testify in favor of Bankman-Fried.

Defendant faced pretrial detention

Concerned that the defendant had attempted to intimidate some of the prosecution’s witnesses against him, the judge ordered Bankman-Fried’s bail be revoked. Bankman-Fried then spent several weeks incarcerated even before the start of the trial.

Don’t be discouraged at a first loss

It’s easy to lose hope when you face a lengthy prison sentence. But there is often hope of an appeal in these cases. Learning more about your options to appeal a guilty verdict can bolster your spirits and keep hope alive.