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The United States judicial system seeks to provide swift and fair justice to all parties in criminal cases. Unfortunately, not all trials end with fair convictions. In fact, there are several verdicts in Albuquerque which may have been unfairly reached due to the presence of material errors in the trial. These errors are known as reversible errors and when they are discovered, the case may be presented to the court of appeals or the Supreme Court.

Courts of Appeals

The American judicial system relies on a system of courts to identify the facts of a case and determine what action, if any, should be taken. In the federal system, the highest court is the U.S. Supreme Court, below which are the U.S. Courts of Appeals. On appeal, the judge does not hear testimony or evidence, as in a trial court. Instead, the appeals judges seek to confirm whether or not the application of the law in the trial itself was correct.

There are no jurors within the appeals court; decisions are often made by three appellate judges. These judges will be presented with challenges to the trial decisions of courts within its district.

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

The District of New Mexico is within the Tenth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. If you or a member of your family feels that the verdict or sentence of your federal case has the result of error, you may be able to appeal the result. Those seeking appeal within the Tenth Circuit trust Mr. Scott M. Davidson, founder of Just Appeals.

New Mexico Court of Appeals

In New Mexico, most appeals are decided by the New Mexico Court of Appeals. The judges on the New Mexico Court of Appeals review convictions in the district courts to see if there are legal errors. Some appeals cases in New Mexico are handled by the New Mexico Supreme Court. The justices of the New Mexico Supreme Court also look for reversible errors as they decide cases of statewide importance.

Mr. Davidson is a legal expert in state, federal and appellate litigation cases. As one of the Top Lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he served as a Chair of the New Mexico State Bar Appellate Practice Section. A graduate of Yale University and the University of New Mexico School of Law, Mr. Davidson has a successful history of proudly serving citizens of New Mexico, the United States and abroad.

Just Appeals, founded by Mr. Davidson in 2005, focuses on appeals and post-conviction cases. With experience litigating all levels of criminal law in the state of New Mexico, Mr. Davidson and his team at Just Appeals are focused on restoring justice by fighting for the rights of the wrongly convicted. We are here to ensure that your conviction or sentence is rectified if material errors have negatively impacted initial proceedings.

Navigating Federal Appellate Courts

Navigating the judicial system can be overwhelming without guidance and support from trained legal professionals. Mr. Davidson has spent decades successfully litigating a range of appellate cases within state and federal courts. With experience as a judicial law clerk for appellate justices and significant experience as an instructor of appellate law studies at the University of New Mexico, Mr. Davidson has the knowledge and expertise to help you successfully navigate your appeal.

Headquartered in the Southwest

You may be able to bring your case before the court of appeals or a higher court if an error made during the original trial unjustly led to your conviction. Mr. Scott M. Davidson is a trusted attorney who has years of knowledge and expertise with cases that are presented to federal and state appeals courts. If you need to present your appeal to a higher court, trust Mr. Davidson and Just Appeals to help you through appellate court proceedings.

New Mexico Supreme Court

The law office of Mr. Davidson, Just Appeals, is fully equipped to help you prepare your case to present to a federal or state appeals court. We believe that all men and women deserve a fair and just trial. Unfortunately, some court proceedings are negatively impacted by material errors thus preventing individuals from receiving fair judgment. Mr. Davidson is ready to right these wrongs, take your case before the appellate courts and restore justice once again. Remember, even if you’re in the post-conviction stage of your case, you still may be able to appeal the verdict.

For more information and advice regarding the presentation of your case in Albuquerque, visit Just Appeals or The Law Office of Scott M. Davidson.

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